What is a Party wall or Structure?,[iframe]
Party wall - diagram showing boundary line on detached property
Party wall - diagram showing boundary lin on semi detached property
A wall that "straddles" the boundary line between two premises is a party wall even if it has not been built against and does not form a part of the neighbours building
A wall that divides two premises and forms a part of the structure of both is a party wall. This applies even if only part of the wall forms a part of the structure
Party wall - diagram showing boundary line with external party wall
Party wall - diagram showing exterior boundary line
A flank wall of a building that has been built against is a party wall. This is the case even if the enclosure was done after the building was originally built.
A garden wall straddling the boundary is a Party Fence Wall - repair costs will be shared under the Act
Party wall - diagram showing party structure boundary lines
Other parts of a building may be party structures and need similar process and notices - for instance the floor between two flats is a party stucture.
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