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A building survey is a detailed and comprehensive inspection suitable for all properties but especially recommended for:
All listed buildings
Those built before 1900
Any building constructed in an unusual way regardless of its age
Properties which are in a dilapidated condition
Properties with unusual features
Properties you are planning to renovate or alter in any way
Properties which have already had extensive alterations
A building survey involves a detailed examination of all accessible parts of a property and can be tailor-made to suit your individual needs and concerns.
A building survey includes the following
Major and minor faults
The implications of any defects and possible cost of repairs
Results of testing walls for dampness and timbers for damage including woodworm or rot
Comments on the existence and condition of damp-proofing, insulation and drainage (although the latter will not be tested)
Extensive technical information on the construction of the property and details about material used in construction
Information on the location
Recommendations for any further specialist inspections
Surveyors will comment on all parts of a property that are readily accessible but they are not obliged to inspect areas that are difficult to access. They won't lift carpets, shift furniture, use a ladder to inspect the roof if it is more than one storey up or move items stored in the loft.

Most surveyors are not experts in electrics or plumbing, so won't test services such as the wiring and water supply. However, they may comment on their condition. Where necessary, surveyors will recommend that an expert examination be carried out.
A building survey does not include a valuation.
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